Friday, March 21, 2014


I have to disclaim this post.  I'm not a conspiracy theorist, though this post flirts with that.

Background information:
  • The US has a debt problem.
    • Over 1/3 of the money collected in Taxes goes to pay interest.
      • That's at today's infinitesimal interest rates.  
        • <1/2 what they were in 2000.
  • The US has a spending problem.
    • 5 years of $1 Trillion+ deficits.
    • $300 Billion+ deficits are the 21st century rule, not the exception.
  • The US has made promises it is mathematically unable to keep.
    • US GDP for 2013: 15.7 Trillion
    • US Federal Revenue for 2013: 2.8 Trillion
    • Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid liabilities estimated at 30-128 Trillion depending on how you slice the pie.
  • The US Federal Reserve has carte blanche permission to create trillions of dollars with minimal oversight or accountability from/to Congress.
  • Officially reported US economic data does not appear to correlate with first person observations.
    • Specifically GDP Growth, Inflation, CPI, & Unemployment
  • Precious Metals and Commodity prices are not growing at rates that correlate with GDP, inflation, or market growth.
  • US Financial Markets continue to grow at rates many multiples of GDP growth.
  • Internationally
    • China is executing a significant systematic expansion of its gold reserves.
    • Many countries are forming non-USD based trade agreements and Currency Swaps
      • Brazil Russia India China (BRIC) 
      • Australia & China
      • New Zealand & China
      • ECB (Euro) & China

I have the following suspicions. 
  • The Federal Reserve or subordinate organization is being quietly used as economic special operations group.
    • Acquiring bonds off-book to offset future interest costs of US Debt.
    • Active manipulation of Stocks, Bonds, Forex, and Commodities.
  • The NSA or fed partner organizations are providing real-time intelligence to make these operations market-resistant.
  • China is actively working to become the next reserve currency.
  • The US is taking active steps to punish trade partners early adopting the new reserve currency.

We live in interesting times.

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